I offer multiple Junior and Adult Tennis Lessons at MacKenzie Park in Laguna Hills.

Please register through Laguna Hills Active Network (Click Here)

Or call the Recreation Center at 949.707.2680 during normal business hours and register over the phone

Spring 2019 Session Dates

  • SESSION 3 – April 29-May 23

  • SESSION 4 – May 27-June 13*

    • *3 weeks only, no class Monday May 27 (Memorial Day)

Summer 2019 Session Dates

  • SESSION 1 – June 17-July 11*

    • *no class Thursday July 4

  • SESSION 2 – July 15-August 8

  • SESSION 3 – August 12-22*

    • *2 weeks only

Registration for summer classes opens Tuesday May 14

10 and Under Tennis Classes Spring/Summer 2019

These classes use lighter and lower compression balls to optimize and accelerate the child's learning, and make tennis more fun and enjoyable.


  • MONDAY 3:00-3:45PM

  • $58 | 4 LESSONS

For kids just starting to play.  Class focuses on the basics like ground strokes, some serving, and lots of hand eye coordination work.


  • MONDAY 3:45-4:45PM

  • $75 | 4 LESSONS

Also for kids new to tennis.  Class focuses on teaching the fundamentals of ground strokes, serves, volleys, and footwork skills.


  • Thursday 3-4PM (Begins in March)

  • $75 | 4 LESSONS

For kids who have moved up from Rising Stars or who are newer to tennis.  This class works on ensuring kids are ready for match play by reinforcing proper stroke production, footwork and basic strategy concepts.


Choose one or both:

  • Monday 4:45-6pm

    • $94

  • THURSDAY 4-5pm (Beginning in March)

    • $75 | 4 LESSONS

For kids with more than 1 year of experience.  This class reinforces what was built up in previous classes.  Players will use green balls on a full court to help them prepare for play with a full compression ball.

Tennis For Kids 11 and Up Spring/Summer 2019


Choose one or both:

  • THURSDAY 5:30-7pm (Beginning in March)

  • $112 | 4 LESSONS

Perfect for kids that are ready for full court play with a full compression ball.  The main focus of this class is on proper fundamental development.  This includes footwork, stroke production, and the serve.

Adult Classes Spring/Summer 2019

I have 3 different class options for adults.  If you haven't ever touched a racket or have played for years there is an option for you.


  • MONDAY 7:30-8:30PM

  • $75 | 4 LESSONS

If you have never played before now is the time.  In this class I will teach you the basics of tennis, and better yet I will have you rallying in the first class.


  • MONDAY 6-7:30PM

  • $112 | 4 LESSONS

This class is perfect if you haven't played in a few years or you are just getting the hang of things.  I'll help you further your fundamental skills so your consistency and shot making percentages increase to higher levels.


  • THURSDAY 7-8:30pm (beginning in march)

  • $112 | 4 LESSONS

Perfect for more experienced players with a 3.0-3.5 rating.  We'll work on refining strokes as I introduce modern concepts, with proven techniques.  Together we'll discuss and implement doubles and singles strategies for smarter play and decision making during points.

Lesson Policies | Kids

  • Please wear proper athletic clothing (no jeans).

  • Please silence cell phones and place them off to the side of the court preferably in a bag during class.

  • Behavior that detracts from the class (including, but not limited to dangerous behavior, bullying, language, etc.) will not be tolerated and will result in removal from class without refund.

  • Parents please arrive no later than 5 minutes after class ends to pick up your child(ren).

Lesson Policies | Adults

  • Please wear proper athletic clothing (no jeans).

  • Please silence cell phones during class.

Missed Classes Policies

  • Rain-outs will be made up the next available sunny day, but are not guaranteed.

  • If for any other reason a class is canceled a refund or credit will be issued, or the class will be made up by the end of the first week of the next session

  • No make-ups for missed classes for any other reasons.

Prorating Classes and Drop Ins

  • Unfortunately at this time there is not a proration or drop in option for city classes.