I coach players of all levels and ages, but most importantly I develop players with good fundamentals so any desired level is achieved.

Developing sound fundamentals

I've learned how to develop the best fundamentals.  I had help from some of the best in the industry including Brian Stanley, a former ATP player and a person who has developed many collegiate level players.

Just like anything in life, Proper progression is the key

With the help of Brian, others, and the USPTA I learned how important building the proper road map is for players.  Many coaches talk about building the proper foundation, but in today's world it's easy to become distracted and deviate.

From the Beginning

I teach an athletic ready position, split step, enforce the proper preparation, and delve into proper footwork phases.  It's essential that these become habits right away. These are the basics that ensure kids and adults develop proper stroke and footwork technique.

I also teach proper grips, because how a person holds the racket dictates what kinds of shots they can hit.

Ready For Your First Class Or Private Lesson?

Not Heavily Interested In Development?

Maybe you have been playing tennis for a number of years already and are more concerned about addressing a certain part of your game vs developing a new stroke.  If that's the case we will focus more on the diagnosing and correcting the primary problem.  

Curing the primary problem will help fix the part of your game that is suffering.  You may want to do a Video Analysis Lesson so that we can really see and correct the problem.