Since I began coaching and developing players I've received many kudos from people.  Here are a few snippets from some of those players and parents.

Wyatt is FANTASTIC!! I can’t say enough about him! He is professional, hard working, knowledgeable, fun loving, and great with kids. He brings passion and excitement to his lessons. My stepson LOVES his practice sessions and looks forward to the next one. Wyatt keeps himself accessible to communication and promptly replies to any texts or calls. He is reliable and loves what he does. If you are looking for experience and an all around great guy, he is your man!!
— Melissa
Wyatt was a fantastic coach for my teenage son. Under Wyatt’s teaching he was able to progress to competing in Champ level tournaments and make the Varsity high school team as a sophomore going to the conference tournament. But It was more than that - Wyatt served as a great mentor for our son as he went through the challenging teenage years. We really appreciate how he helped our son develop into a more mature player, and person.
— Keith S.
Wyatt is a great coach with a passion in teaching the proper technique. My son, Michael had the fortunate opportunity to start his tennis with Wyatt. He meticulously teaches him techniques using videos and movement review apps. When he went to his first tournament, everyone commented how beautiful his form was. That was 5 years ago... now he is 14, still playing tennis at a high level and has continued to improve as he has had a good basis to start with.

Wyatt is also a great adult coach, he made it fun and easy for adults to understand the game of tennis. And when we don’t, he is ready with his clipboard and paper to give us a visual. Cardio tennis was also a blast with Wyatt. He made sure that he has the right music and pushed us hard to get a good exercise.
— Brigitta
My child had the pleasure of working with Wyatt for two years; both with private lessons and playing team tennis. Before we found Wyatt, my child had played at two other tennis clubs in the area with very little improvement and/or development in his tennis skills. Wyatt has helped my child out of “bad tennis habits” and transformed him into a solid, consistent tennis player.
— Emily
As my daughter Sonja’s first tennis coach, we could not have chosen better than Wyatt.
He worked with Sonja from her first day on the court, up through her first year of high school.
For us, Wyatt gave the right mix of skill building, team building and fun!
Sonja has continued to play on her school Varsity team, and we remember Wyatt and his role in her development, with appreciation.
— JM
Wyatt taught me the fundamentals of tennis when I was ten years old. Over the following years, he coached my group full-year team and taught lessons in technique and sportsmanship that I apply today, almost six years later. He has a great sense of humor and personality, to boot!
— Sonja