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You have landed at Wyatt Russell Tennis, a tennis program that emphasizes sound fundamentals in a fun learning environment.  Get to know a little about me and you'll see that I'm different than other coaches and programs because I strive to develop the best fundamentals possible, all the time.

I want you to have effortless looking strokes and footwork.  My hope is that you can go anywhere you desire in this sport. 

Read about my mission and vision.  Then sign-up for a group class or take a private lesson from me.  Whatever you do have fun and start or continue to play the sport of a lifetime. Tennis.

-Wyatt Russell


My 10 and Under Tennis Classes use smaller courts, smaller rackets, and lighter and lower compression balls.  This enable your kids to be successful right away.  Classes are available in Costa Mesa and Laguna Hills!



I offer private lessons so you can get the help you need to take your game to the next level.  Whether you want to work on developing all parts of your game, maybe a specific stroke, footwork, or tactic, I'll be there to help push your game further!  Book your lesson today!

AbouT ME

Since the beginning I have dedicated myself to teaching the best fundamentals possible.  This ensures that my students can go where ever they want with the sport of tennis.

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Classes and Locations

Chances are I am teaching near you.  From Huntington Beach to Laguna Niguel I have you covered.

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